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When saving lives is urgent

Accident or premature birth, when every second counts, Sainte-Justine is the reference point. Specialized care, leading-edge equipment, exemplary support, the priority is to save lives and save them without long-term consequences.

Your donations help for example to:

  • Give the best chances of survival to newborns in critical condition

  • Ensure the anesthetist makes the best decisions, as quickly as possible, during complex surgeries

  • Support the specialized teams by offering them leading-edge equipment and training.




Stepping up the pace of discovery

Understanding, investigating, pushing the boundaries every day: the status quo is not an option at Sainte-Justine. Holding the promise of a healthier future, research is the vehicle of hope for all families in Quebec.

Your donations help for example to:

  • Discover new treatments so more children can be cured from cancer

  • Increase the number of premature babies who survive without long-term side-effects

  • Through genetics, better understand and provide faster diagnostics for children afflicted with a rare disease.


New technologies


Innovating to improve health outcomes

Much more than simple pieces of equipment, new technologies have a direct impact on care and research: they are revolutionizing medicine. A right hand to specialized teams, these technologies make a real difference in the lives of Sainte-Justine’s patients.

Your donations help for example to:

  • Improve access to and quality of care across Quebec through telemedicine

  • Drive technological innovation for the benefit of children who need care in rehabilitation

  • Develop new, surgical intervention techniques for next-generation operating rooms.


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