Marc Dupré has a song to share with Quebec's children!  

Avec toi pour la vie is a song of hope, solidarity and love dedicated to all the children of Quebec and their families.

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Montreal, October 3, 2017 - The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation is proud to invite you to donwload, exclusively and for free, Avec toi pour la vie, a song by the songwriter and singer Marc Dupré.

Created with his collaborators Nelson Minville and John Nathaniel, Avec toi pour la vie is a song of hope, solidarity and love dedicated to all the children of Quebec.

“I’m lucky that my three children are all healthy. I have often thought about how I could give back… For me, writing a song is something that truly comes from the heart. When the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation suggested the idea, I said yes right away,” says the singer who is also one of the coach of La Voix Junior.

Recognizing that the CHU Sainte-Justine welcomes children and families who come not only from the Greater Montreal area but from all over the province, Marc Dupré wanted to deliver this message of hope to all those who are unfortunately facing illness. Like charming Enzo, age 4, whom we meet in the “making of” video (in Frennly only) above and who served as a tour guide during Marc’s visit to Sainte-Justine, as well as the many other young patients who welcomed him with enthusiasm that day.

“I did it for them, to encourage them and show them love. It’s my way of saying to them, ‘Let’s go! We’re not giving up! We’re all supporting you!’ I want them to know that together we will fight for their lives, for all life. Because there is always hope, and always a light in the dark; we must never give up because together we are stronger,” he explains.

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As the song says, "Avec toi pour la vie, avec toi pour toujours" - we are with you for life, and with you forever. Let's all work together for the love of the children!

Happy listening!

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