Privacy Policy

The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation is firmly committed to safeguarding the privacy of all Sainte-Justine employees, donors, volunteers, patients and families.

Protection of Information by Individuals

Every employee, consultant and volunteer agrees to respect the confidential information of the Foundation’s donors, staff members, directors and volunteers as well as that of Sainte-Justine’s patients and families.

Every employee, consultant and volunteer agrees to handle all information regarding the Foundation’s activities in a confidential manner and refrain from disclosing related content or using it for personal reasons or to benefit a third party.

This policy applies to all employees, consultants, volunteers and other associates as soon as they join the Foundation and will remain in effect for an undetermined amount of time.


Protection of Information by the Foundation

Foundation does not sell or trade its donor lists. We may exchange donor names and addresses with other non-profit organizations provided that the donors involved have previously granted consent to this by way of the online donation form.

The Foundation agrees to destroy all paper documents containing personal information, including credit card numbers once these documents are no longer of any administrative use to the Foundation.