Thanks to you, Sophie’s Christmas will be brighter/will shine a lot more

Plus mieux guérir

December, 2014  |  Français
Olivier : faire revivre l'espoir

Sophie is a 13-year-old percussionist, singer and aspiring radio host

This multitalented teen has been living with the effects of a rare disorder ever since she was born. Ironically, the disease she refers to as the “Unknown” has very distinctive features. But Sophie is strong. “Something always hurts, but I usually don’t let it get to me. I’m in a good mood most of the time, even when I’m in pain.”

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Dr Dickens Saint-Vil : agir dans l'urgence

Dr Gregor Andelfinger, the Unraveller of the Unknown

Before a course of treatment could be determined, Sophie needed a diagnosis. Dr. Gregor Andelfinger, Pediatric Cardiologist and Assistant Research Professor, looked high and low. But the problem with rare diseases is that every patient is, by definition, unique. There are no other cases to refer to and emulate.

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Ginette Durocher : après la tempête, la récupération

Marie-Claude Levasseur: Hands on, heart in

Marie-Claude Levasseur is a clinical nurse at Sainte-Justine and an authority in dealing with patients with immune system deficiencies and autoimmune disorders. For young Sophie, who was in her care for 4 straight years, Marie-Claude made a world of difference.

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Just in time for the holidays:
Gifts of hope for the families of Sainte-Justine

Sun Life

Make Sainte-Justine’s Christmas Tree glow!

Rapport annuel

Holiday cheer at La Maison Ogilvy

From now until December 11, Sainte-Justine’s Christmas Tree Campaign is back to brighten up lives – and the night sky. Available at $5 a light, you can provide a shining beacon of comfort and joy for families struggling with illness this holiday season.

Thank you for making the fifth annual Ogilvy en fête event on November 19 a resounding success! More than 2500 of you gathered to enjoy an evening of fabulous fashion and food. Thanks to you, the event brought in no less than $250,000 for the benefit of mothers-to-be and children of Sainte-Justine.

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Young Leaders Circle: Warming hearts this winter

Tournoi Cachou

1km Youth Challenge: Ending the year on a generous note

On November 23, thanks to you, the eighth annual Lighting the Way event raised an impressive $106,000 for the Sainte-Justine neonatal unit. This sets the stage for the Young Leaders Circle’s next annual event, the Winter Triathlon, which will take place on February 6. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!

Students from private schools across greater Montreal were up and moving this fall. More than 25 schools participated in the 1km Youth Challenge, and 16 will follow their lead in spring 2015. We hope everyone takes full advantage of the holidays to recharge their batteries. And thank you – all of you – for supporting the Centre of Excellence in Trauma Care.

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